Download diviz v17.2

The latest version of diviz is 17.2 «Civilization» (see the changes), pick up yours:

Operating System Installer
Windows 32 bits (with Java) diviz_windows_17.2_jre8.exe
Windows 32 bits diviz_windows_17.2.exe
Windows 64 bits (with Java) diviz_windows-x64_17.2_jre8.exe
Windows 64 bits diviz_windows-x64_17.2.exe
Linux (install with: sh
Mac OS X
Warning: Mac OS X «High Sierra» 10.13: see the note, below
Others / Platform Independent diviz-client_v17.2.jar (this is not an installer, see below)


Mac OS X «High Sierra» 10.13: some users report that diviz cannot execute workflow with this latest Mac OS X. If this happens to you, please use the Platform Independent jar file (above) until we diagnose and solve this problem.

All installers (except the last entry) are made by the multi-platform installer builder “install4j” (for which we benefit from an open-source project license). The development of diviz is also helped by the use of the Java profiler “JProfiler” (for which we also have an open-source project license).

Each of these installers (except the last entry, see below the note about diviz-client_v17.2.jar) installs a version of diviz with an auto-update functionality: diviz checks if a new version is available each time it is launched (except for the last entry, see below). When a new version is released, diviz offers to download and install the new version for you –alternatively, you can come back to this page and download the new installer.


If you wish to be informed of future releases, we suggest that you subscribe to the (low traffic) announcement mailing list of diviz (for further details, please have a look at the contact page).

Should you have any problem with these installers, please report the problem, so that we can help you installing the software and at the same time fix the problem. Thank you!

diviz requires that Java 8 is installed on your computer (JRE 8 Update 111 (or later)). You can download the latest Java version here.

Note about diviz-client_v17.2.jar:

When you download the raw .jar file, there is no mechanism for updating it, you will have to come back to this page when the software informs you that a new client is ready to be downloaded.

To run the jar file:

  • either double click on the downloaded jar file;

  • or run the following command (in a terminal window (Linux) or a command prompt (Windows)):

    java -jar diviz-client_v17.2.jar

(Windows users open the command prompt by clicking on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt)

Command-line execution

Since version 1.4, a command-line is also available, for launching the execution of workflows without having to use the graphical user interface:

DVZ_CMD="java -Djava.util.logging.config.file= -Done-jar.main.class=eu.telecom_bretagne.praxis.client.SimpleCommandLine -jar diviz-client_v17.2.jar"

Executing a workflow:

$DVZ_CMD /path/to/diviz/workspace/weightedSum/current/weightedSum.dvz

For details on the available options: $DVZ_CMD -h


  • The command-line can substitute the workflow’s input files with others before execution
  • Option ‘-v’ triggers verbose logging.